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High-tech meets craftsmanship: We make all of our jewelry exclusively from premium quality platinum, yellow or rose gold. Customers are fascinated by both, their optimum wearing comfort and technical refinement. Rings, earrings, chains or bracelets - our company develops luxurious and intelligently designed novelties as well as pieces that complement our existing collections constantly, which can be purchased at select retailers. For a list of jewelry stores near you please click here.

Created for each other

Ring within a ring (top): Firmly embedded yet free to move, rich in contrast yet harmonious. Two rings, holding each other in an inseparable embrace, moving freely, circling each other without a fixed point. The exterior ring easily follows every move of the finger. The ring inside a ring received the coveted “High Design Quality Award” by the Design Center North Rhine Westphalia.

Mobile ring (bottom): A true artist of flexibility – the large, movable diamond in the heart of the ring head finds its own center when at rest.

deluxe folded

A single or multiple coil strands made of gold, platinum or steel, are brought together by a diamond embellished folding clasp. The most unique feature: the clasps are so easy to open and close, that wearers will find it effortless to put on these luxurious bracelets all by themselves. Simply lift the lever pull the clasp apart, place the bracelet on your arm, fold down the lever, lock into place - done!

Beauty times two

Hinged lockets all have an exterior side embellished with diamonds, while the other side can be adorned individually thanks to easily interchangeable elements. The wearer has the option to herself exchange various relief or engraved plates made of blackened or bright steel in just a few easy steps.

These precious lockets are available in a variety of designs: as round or oval pendants (horizontal and vertical formats). Given that they do not have a front and back side in the traditional sense of the word, they can be worn with either side facing out. By the way: the interior of these perfectly crafted pieces of jewelry accommodates two photographs.

Floating balance

Tailor made, easy to put on, a pleasure to wear. The classic design in lightweight, perfectly balanced elegance. Despite its compact design, the Creole style earring is a true featherweight thanks to its thin walls and lightweight hinge opening mechanism. To ensure a perfect fit, these earrings can be made taking the customer’s individual ear lope thickness and piercing locations into account.

The higher or lower placement of the posts compensates for minor variances, ensures a tailored fit and a harmonious appearance. Additional expansions are possible thanks to the insertion pendant. The pendant insertion mechanism with its small "key hole" can be optionally integrated into Creole style earrings

One for all

The ring clasp is a true multi-talent: worn on the front of the necklace, it works as a decorative clasp and simultaneously as the secure holder for a variety of pendants. Super easy to open, it beckons the wearer to collect different pieces and to creatively participate in the making of her own very personal piece of jewelry.

To open the ring clasp, simply press the concealed tiny button and the ring opens. Add or remove the desired pendant, thread the end of the necklace with the hole onto the ring and release the push button. The ring clasp locks and the necklace is securely closed. Your perfectly customized piece of jewelry is complete!

Chains in 750 gold, stainless steel or platinum combined with gold or platinum clasps with or without diamonds. Attractive pendants boasting surprising details in 750 gold, platinum, diamonds and precious colored stones.

Mystical & precious

Mystical & preciousTwo glass covers on the exterior make the insertions in the exclusive amulets visible. The optical appearance can be interchanged: the amulet can be fitted with options such as three-D motifs (e.g. dragons), agate seals or the wearer’s own, personal treasures. Hence, the interior of the amulets works like an actual treasure trove.

The amulets open at the touch of a button at the bottom side. The back side end of the opaque agate seals is made of precious metal.

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